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people flying into the united states will face tough new security measures. the tsa saying enhanced screening will focus on people flying through countries of interest such as yemen, pakistan and nigeria. the enhanced techniques include full-body patdowns, body scans and thorough searches of carry-on luggage. >>> 2010, as we were saying, good morning to you earlier, it has turned out already fairly deadly for the united states and its allies in afghanistan. nato saying four u.s. service members died in a roadside bomb yesterday. a british soldier was killed in a separate explosion. last year was the bloodiest for coalition forces since the war in afghanistan started. 514 service members died. united states has started deploying 30,000 more troops to fight the taliban. >>> look at this image that we found hanging off a building in former president jimmy carter's hometown of plains, georgia. witnesses told affiliate walb it's an effigy of president obama with a rope around its neck. and one person says it had a sign with the president's name on it. the secret service is now investigat
's to the united states. look at the babies taking care of babies. that bus had to turn around. the state department is allowing children with adoptions in process, already, to get temporary visas. officials will not accept kids if they cannot verify their paperwork is in order. such desperation. >>> california is getting another beating from the weather today. there's a state of emergency in parts of the state. hundreds are wait iing for evacuations to be lifted after the mud slides. in san diego, the longer the rain came down, the worse things got. >> this was a river. it was a river. it literally was a river. >> it was draining very well, even in the heavy rain. the pumps -- something must have stopped or part of them. the rain stopped and the water started backing up. >> conditions are bad now, but you may get a break from the rain soon. bob van dillen is keeping an eye on things. good morning. >> good morning. i want to start with the big picture. a couple storms are out there. the one from yesterday is back inland around idaho and nevada. you can see the frontal boundary as it exten
, salute them at >>> haitian immigrants are allowed in the united states to get medicare. ordinarily there's a lot of paperwork and delay involved. some of that is set aside after the earthquake in haiti t. rule change is temporary to make sure there's medical care for orphans in the pipeline to be adopted. >>> an iowa couple trying to adopt two haitian orphans saw one alive on tv. they spent the last two years going through the adoption red tape. >> beautiful. praise god. praise god. >> now, the couple just learned they can get one child this week. they are applying for a humanitarian visa to bring the second child here. >>> a grot broken through a strip club. a goat. >> myself on the surveillance tapes, i wouldn't have believed it, either. >> the goat spent 30 minutes staring at one thing inside the strip club. that story is new for you this hour. >> you dirty goat, you. >>> more money has been raised for the victims of haiti's earthquake than in the wake of hurricane katrina. jennifer westhoven is here now. i think a lot of it has to do with the ease of the texting giv
it. haiti has a track record of a money pit. the united states spent a lot of money there, $5 billion on aid there. the money hasn't always gone where it's supposed to. >> i think it's no secret u.s. aid as well as from other donors has been a failure in haiti. there have been areas of success such as reducing the hiv infection rate. all the other metrics by which you measure aids success, sustainability, impablgt, effects on economic development, human development, it's been a disaster. >> a lot of the problems may stem from haiti's government. it's been incapable and unstable as well. >> we are hearing one of haiti's former presidents wants to come back to help. >> yes. he says he wants to return from south africa. he was haiti's first ever democratically elected president in 1990. he was ousted in 1991 and again in 2004. master minded assaults. haiti was ruled by dictators before that. the situation, not necessarily a stable government in recent years. >> it's had a troubled past. thanks so much. >>> as many as eight officers could be in trouble for the deadly attack on ft. hood. t
are killed or injured. they have no emergency services to rely on now. the united states is trying to help with civilian and military aid. they are also sending in rescue teams. >> the main thing that is are needed are search andres cue and immediate assistance for food and water for people trapped in buildings. the search andres cue is going to be a priority for the government and organizations in haiti. >> with so many of the phone and power lines down, we are getting word from your fellow viewers, i-reporters in haiti. jonathan works with a church group and here he is describing what he saw. >> three-story houses collapsed on to the one below it. i saw fences, block wall fences fallen on a motorcycle. one woman, i could only see her head, the rest of her body was trapped under the fence, under a block wall. she had, obviously, i think she was dead. she has blood coming out of her eyes, nose and ears. >> an american airlines flight from haiti to miami was boarding when the earthquake struck. some chose not to get on. the flight took off and landed safely. passengers say they weren't exac
of the united states army. stephen, we love you so much and miss you there.'s not a day that goes by that we are not praying for your safe return. we love you to the moon. >> she had her daddy doll in the pumpkin patch. if you know someone in the service, go to >>> "american idol" went down last night. vanessa spends her time in tennessee, diving off bridges and buying dresses at the dollar store. ♪ >> it's good. she got through to hollywood. the judges liked her authentic country charm. look at simon, he really did. >> check out her reaction. >> vanessa, you better start practicing and believing in yourself otherwise, you're going to get swallowed up. >> none of my friends are going to believe this. >> show them the ticket. see you later. >> of course, i know auditions are not complete without bad singing, strange behavior and stranger outfits. how the human guitar did in front of the judges. >>> jennifer says she's afraid of the human guitar. all right. i know the pictures coming out of haiti have you ready to give. there's a huge need for donations out there. you should k
itself. >> i have large numbers of citizens in the united states of america who believe this is going in the wrong direction. there's a limit to which you can say, okay, they don't get it. if we pass a bill, they will get it. i think we should internalize they are not doing things entirely correctly. >> president obama called brown to congratulate him. the president has been in the white house exactly a year. a new cnn poll shows 51% of americans approve of the job he's doing. dozens of kids rescue frd the quake damaged orphanage in haiti could have a new family soon. 53 arrived in pennsylvania yesterday. another child should get there today. so far, adoption cases for on for 47 of them. one of the children is a 17-month-old. the couple adopting him got to see him in a hospital in pittsburgh last night. >> i don't think i was able to say anything. >> i don't think i said anything. i kissed him and hugged him and checked him out and made sure, for myself that he was okay. >> yeah. >> here is the startling number. the u.n. says there were 380,000 orphans in haiti before the quake. >>> t
the kids are and when they're going to finally come to the united states. >>> also -- >> the guys here are -- they don't want to leave. they want to continue working. >> rescuers fight to free the quake survivors as many haitians turn to faith to pull them through the devastation. >>> 1,000 u.s. troops are in haiti right now trying to bring security and a sense of calmness. but officials say that violence is increasing there, and that could really hurt the rescue effort. retired general hustle honore who led the rescue effort after hurricane katrina says that security forces need to be careful not to overreact as starving people scrounge for food and water. >>> we've got new video in this morning. this was shot late tuesday as the quake was happening. look at the room start to shake. and this woman runs as the house begins to collapse around her. moments later, much of the city of port-au-prince would be leveled. >>> the turkish man who tried to assassinate pope john paul ii in 1981 was released from prison after 29 years. his lawyer says that the next thing for him is a psychiatric ex
. a fugitive should not dictate the court process. he fled the united states before he could be sentenced for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. >>> we are waiting for the new video of the security breach in newark's airport. you are asked to help identify the person who helped cause the scare. >>> the latest on a sea lion tangled in fishing line off the california coast.  >>> we expect to get video of the security breach at newark's airport any minute now. they are releasing it so people can help id the guy who has notd been found yet. someone ducked under the rope without passing through security. >>> president obama is letting you see the report he got about the failed christmas day terror attack. the white house is releasing a declassified version of that. the suspect here, umar farouk abdulmutallab was indicted on six counts, including attempted murder. >>> there's a crucial misstep that left four oakland police officers dead in california. the suspect gunned down two motorcycle officers. the ill fated decision to storm the apartment led to more officers being killed.
of the united states, and it will make him look stronger and it will make him look like a better leader not only among our people in the united states, but for people all over the world. otherwise it looks like he's lost control of the situation. >> you'll remember that tariq and michaele salahi crashed the white house state dinner. they had their pictures taken with president obama and vice president biden. there is nothing to indicate the third party crasher ever got close to the president. >>> new troubles for jayson williams is now charged with dwi while awaiting a new manslaughter trial. rafer weigel, a lot going on with that person. >> this guy could be in an awful lot of trouble. williams was charged at his hospital bed police say at 3:15 in the morning on tuesday after his suv hit a tree at a high speed. that's when they say the accident was. he suffered a broken bone in his neck and had facial injuries. there's the suv there. however, they are calling these injuries, quote, minor. cops say when they arrived at the scene williams was in the passenger seat, but witnesses say at least cops
to take the lead. the united states will host a conference in the u.n. more than $1 billion of aid has been raised. >>> president barack obama is going to ask congress to okay a three-year freeze in federal spending starting in 2011. it doesn't apply to the budget of the military or homeland security. if they wanted to increase funds for programs like education, they have to take the money from somewhere else. >> we are talking a savings of $250 billion against a deficit that's $1.5 trillion. it's a drop in the bucket, but an important step. the white house sees it as important steps to assure both congress more importantly, the american people upset at the amount of money they see being spent that he does, indeed, see the budget and deficit as a problem. >> it could find enemies on both sides of the aisle. republicans say it doesn't go far enough. democrats say domestic programs were already underfunded during the bush administration. >>> the inside story from the night tiger woods rammed his suv into a tree and a sex scandal broke. rafer has the details. >> okay. he got the informati
talking about that for years. now there's one that is in the process of launching in the united states. go sign up and when they have room for you, they'll give you an invite. i've already signed up. i'm waiting for my turn. it's called free all you go to that, do a quick registration. when they're willing to have you, you get music my price. free. i'm clark howard. for more money saving tips, check out howard. >> clark will teach you to save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. that's why we love him on saturdays and sundays at noon. >>> a 3-year-old is a hero today for saving his grandmother and it's all because of something his mom taught him less than a week ago. >>> good morning. i think i hear your alarm clock. could you get that already? i'm robin meade. morning, sunshine. toyota won't even sell you those cars and trucks that are under a massive recall. remember the gas pedal could stick? what do you do if it happens while you're driving. >>> also chaos in lines of people in haiti looking for food. you can see pepper spray was being used on these p
the earthquake there. >> i'm barbara. i'm saluting my husband of the united states marine corps. my husband just returned in december from his last deployment and had to leave 17 days later to go to haiti. we haven't seen him for more than 17 days since april of last year. we are awaiting his return. we love you and miss you and can't wait for you to come home. >> you can hear it in your voice. go to bib. >>> a guy in florida thought he struck it rich. his cash windfall bit the dust. that story is new for you in 30 minutes. >> what? >> she's laughing. that isn't nice. all right, you probably know someone looking for work. today, the president is going to propose a tax credit to get more companies on the hiring side. here is jennifer westhoven. hey. >> hey. he had jobs as a big theme during the speech. today, the president is going to propose an idea that for every -- for a small company, for every new worker they hire, they will get $5,000. they can get it up to a maximum of $500,000. at some point, you wouldn't be a small company, anymore. the white house expects 1 million businesse
of the united states, trust me, this chairman and the dnc would be screaming for his head. >> it's coming out now because of a new book called "game change." and reid said that he thought that the country was ready for a black candidate, especially, quote, a light-skinned african-american with no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one. well, reid apologized to president obama saturday. the president says that he accepted the apology and considers the matter closed. >>> all right. it's official. nbc wants jay leno to move back to his old time slot. what? well, they're scrapping his primetime show after several nbc stations complained about the poor ratings and led into their evening news. if leno agrees to it, he'll be on at 11:35 eastern starting next month and just for a half hour, though. and if conan o'brien agrees, his show would start at 12:05 a.m. and then jimmy fallon even later, right? >>> more than 1 million jobs are up for grabs. and some of them are in your community. and our money expert, jennifer westhoven, has word about the census jobs. there are pros and cons, though. goo
the second largest economy behind the yooits. marine commanders say the united states has defeated the taliban in a key province in afghanistan. the heldman province helps the insurgency. >>> this tidbit from "the washington post," waitresses that remember your order is a thing of the past. it's getting too complicated. you're saying i want this, but hold the shrimp, i don't want gluten. is that raw sugar or highly processed. >>> investigators are -- is it like going to dinner with me? it's exactly how it is. >>> investigators are trying to figure out what caused an explosion that leveled a church. a fire broke out at the church in anderson on sunday night. there was an explosion that was heard three miles away. the church was empty and no one was injured. >> it was quite devastating to see a place of worship demolished this way. >> the church had a propane tank. it's unclear if that played any role in this. >>> here is a switch. one of the big auto makers says it might start hiring, again. yeah. jennifer west hoefr is here. >> thanks. we are talking gm. i think some towns are goin
to visit to united states. under new rules, they will not have restrictions for entering the country. before, they had to get a waiver. it's been on the list of diseases that are considered a public threat since 1987 but the u.s. started changing that in 2008. >>> if today is your birthday, we hope you have a great day. guess what? you share your birthday with dancing with the "dancing with the stars" judge carrie ann inaba. back in the day she was a fly girl on "in living color." >>> if you know your local grocery store is in a fierce battle for your dollars, that means big savings for you. >> do you know right now you don't have to have the hunger pains as much maybe because your food dollar is buying you so much more. you know why? because there's a huge market share battle right now in the supermarket business. the traditional supermarket players are having to fend off walmart, which actually has become the nation's largest supermarket seller and the warehouse clubs. in fact, costco wholesale has become a big-thymolturnative for people looking for gloesries to the traditional sup
's under house arrest in switzerland, polanski is. he left the united states for sentencing. people who escaped the haiti earthquake are risking their lives to get out of port-au-prince. look at all the row boats. they are trying to get to ferries to take them to the other side of the country. such desperation. those are some of the headlines today. i wanted to say good morning to you as the alarm goes off. it's thursday, connected to friday. i'm robin meade. check out this new video of the moment the earthquake hit port-au-prince. >> my house is going to fall. it's shaking. here is another one. >> wow. i can hear the panic in that man's voice, can't you? that was amateur video overlooking the city. a pediatrician said what she is seeing is heart breaking. richard lui is here. so many kids are badly hurt. saving their lives means tough choices for them. >> that's right. sometimes, the only alternative is amputation for them. it's not an easy choice for haiti. artificial limbs are rare there. the only manufacturer in the entire country was destroyed in the quake. these children here just
affiliate in yemen, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, we knew they sought to strike the united states and were recruiting operatives to do so. they did not follow up on and prioritize streams of intelligence related to a possible attack to the homeland. >> we have surveillance camera at newark's security. a man ducks under a rope and walks the wrong way to meet a woman. the terminal was shut down, thousands of people rescreened. tsa takes full responsibility for the breach. the officer is on administrative leave. >>> if you go to bed for late night talk shows. nbc may go back to the future with jay leno. jennifer westhoven is here. it's all about the cash or the bottom line, right? >> sure. it's the business for nbc and their affiliates. nbc reportedly considering a big late night shake up whether they are going to pull the plug and say it didn't work out. the prime time experiment of having leno at 10:00. leno will go back to 11: 30 and conan will start at midnight. the affiliate stations need a strong show at 10:00 with big ratings to bring in the viewers. >> cheap moneymaker is the
. first, with everything going on in the united states and around the world now, president obama says creating jobs is his top priority. in his first state of the union address, he said some jobs have been created, but not enough. >> for every success story, there are other stories of men and women who wake up with the anguish of not knowing where the next paycheck will come from, who send out resumes week after week and hear nothing in response. that is why jobs must be our number one focus in 2010 and that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> well, the president urged congress not to give up on the health care reform. he said most americans don't understand what a new plan would do for them. but, the current way of doing business isn't helping anyone. >> here's what i ask congress, though. don't walk away from reform. not now. not when we are so close. let us find a way to come together and finish the job for the american people. let's get it done. let's get it done. >> now, in the republican response, virginia governor, bob mccon el says the gop agrees we need affordab
? >> a counter-terrorism official tells the united states it appears that umar farouk abdulmutallab had direct contact with cleric onwar anaki. though he would not be specific about how much they've been in touch, it's not the first time we've heard al-awlaki's name. he exchanged e-mail with his son. he moved into a more operational role here, christi, for al qaeda. >> i know you're not aware of al-awlaki's whereabouts at this point, but he's been turned into an enemy of sorts? >> he's been referred to as the bin laden of yemen. the intelligence committee believes al-awlaki is still alive, his own family saying the same thing. we should point out they also denied al-awlaki has played any role, christi, with al qaeda. >> richard, thank you. >>> a woman is accused of stealing a u.s. mail truck and sending cops on a chase. she hit speeds of 70 miles per hour in the mail truck. they finally used road blocks and the woman was caught at a nearby gas station. >> she won't say anything. spit at us a couple times, but won't talk to us. >> the woman had no identification, but some local reports say she
are waking up in the united states for the first time today. they arrived in denver last night on a flight donated by united airlines. several were rushed to the hospital to be treated for their injuries from the quake. but they are expected to be okay. >> this has been an amazing journey, a long, long, very, very difficult journey. and the waiting for the last two weeks since we first heard the earthquake happen has been just excruciating. >> now, colorado's governor says that more orphans may be arriving there in the next few weeks. look at that little face. >>> some adoption groups, though, may be putting the brakes on new adoptions from haiti even though they're getting a flood of calls from people who want the kids. correspondent richard lui, there are concerns some of the children could end up being adopted by mistake? >> that's right. three aid groups are calling for an immediate halt to new adoptions in haiti. the vast majority of kids on their own are not orphans. they were separated from their families in the quake. that's from aid group save the children. it says the kids' famil
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